Tools to Design: Home renovation mistakes to avoid

Whether you’re putting your home on the US market to sell or you want to make improvements, renovating your house can be an overwhelming task. This is especially true when you’ve got a lot on your plate: rusty windowsills, leaky ceilings and incredibly cramped bedrooms. Although it’s exciting to remodel your home and make it more livable, making mistakes in renovating may fail to deliver significant returns.

Tools to Design can help you avoid the biggest pitfalls in home renovation! We want to help you make educated decisions throughout the entire process and make the most out of your budget. Take a closer look at them below:

Mistake # 1: Setting an unrealistic budget

Most homeowners in the US often make the mistake of setting an unrealistic budget and assuming that everything can get done with little money. It’s recommended that you should know how much money you’re willing to spend to avoid getting overwhelmed with the bills. Make sure that you also have a list of items you want along with the overall cost.

For a better estimate, consult with a home renovation contractor to check if your budget is enough for what you want to achieve. It can also be helpful to leave enough room in case you have unexpected expenses like structural repairs, upgrades and plumbing, to name a few.

Mistake # 2: Too much DIY

Understandably, most homeowners prefer to do everything on their own when it comes to renovating. If you’re handy with construction and remodelling, why not accomplish the tasks all by yourself? In this way, you can skip the whole process of hiring a contractor and save money in the long run. 

However, this is a grave mistake you should avoid. Keep in mind that when it comes to renovation, there are lots of variables to consider. If you try to do it all on your own, your entire house can be demolished for safety reasons and delay your project.

This isn’t to say that you have no right to change things around your house. Things like laying tiles, painting the walls or installing flooring are doable. But with bigger projects like electrical work, it’s better to leave it with a professional. 

Mistake # 3: Being too trendy

There’s nothing wrong if you want to make your house look up-to-date with trendy colours and finishes. It’s okay if you plan to live there for the rest of your life. However, if you’re planning to renovate because you want to sell it in the market, it may be best to go with neutral colours. To be specific, pick something that is in grey tones.

Sure, they may look boring to you, but the neutral palette appeals to a wide range of potential buyers in the US market. 

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