5 interesting bedroom theme ideas you can try

Staying at home is fun as it gives you the chance to relax and unwind yourself. The most relaxing thing you can do at home is catch up on some sleep as it is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. Sleeping feels good, but it’s much better when you like the way your bedroom looks. 

Out of all the rooms you have at home, the bedroom is the one that best reflects your personality. As the room that marks the start and end of your day, it is a must that you feel comfortable inside it. 

If you’re having trouble deciding about the style you want to have for your bedroom, here are some Tools For After tips you may want to consider:


A Scandinavian bedroom is the most minimalist style you can try. In this type of room, the natural source of light through the windows is given the most importance to illuminate the room. The walls are also kept plain for a minimalist feel. Having this kind of room also means that you should only have a few things inside, especially those that are only functional. 

Aside from light, having natural finishes is also a great idea. With that, you can opt for grey or brown stuff to accentuate the room. You may also add in a few accents of pinks and greens for some colour. 


If you’re more inclined to European aesthetics, try this style by incorporating a lot of earth colours in your room. To achieve this, try painting your doors and window frames in dark colours, paint your walls white, and finish off with dark wood flooring. Hang up some paintings and wall lamps, and accentuate them with natural coloured decors. 


For a Bohemian room style, start with a neutral base and start to layer some colours across the room. This style is perfect for those who want some patterns and splashes of colours. Aside from neutral colours, you may also want to hang some art pieces on the walls to give it a more Bohemian feel. When it comes to decorations, place some low-lying pieces of furniture, some macrame wall decors, and an ornate rug to complete the look. 


Have a balance between simplicity and luxury in this bedroom style. As Asians are mostly known for loving anything calm, it becomes a wonderful inspiration for your room. To achieve this, keep the walls simple. Feel free to add some colour accents across the room to make it feel homier. For best results, try having marble flooring or just placing a large rug to soften how the space looks. 

Urban Modern

This is another interesting bedroom style that mixes elements of modern design and industrial into one. This type of bedroom is well-characterized by soft tones and neutral-coloured accents. Despite having quite a minimalist feel, an urban room bedroom has bolder colours that make it more refreshing. Most of the time, rooms that are in this style have floor rugs and a statement piece hanging on the wall. 

These are just some fun ideas that you may use as a reference when deciding on a bedroom style. By finding one which best matches your style, you can make your room more pleasing so you can relax better in it! 

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